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The SDLC Whisperer

Chances are, you have never met anyone like me before. My Myers Briggs personality type is INFJ, the rarest personality type.

I am extremely introverted. Yet, I am not shy.

I am not shy when it comes to developing software and helping others do it too.

I am quiet. Yet, I am extremely passionate.

I am extremely passionate about helping people do what they do best in the SDLC.

I know other professions can be a great joy to those who participate in them. But I have fun developing software products. No other profession gives me so many opportunities to think; something I love to do more than anything else. From idea to deployment to maintenance, each aspect of the SDLC has so many decisions to make and problems to solve. Over the past 30+ years I've worn practically every hat.

I know the SDLC!!!

So what makes me an SDLC whisperer? The intuitive part of my personality picks up on the unique, intricate, and complex relationships within a team or organization. When something in the SDLC isn't working as well as it should, my first inclination is to determine 1) does somebody care about the desired outcome, and 2) are they empowered to care to the best of their ability? If somebody cares about the desired outcome then they will want to make decisions and solve problems. If they are empowered to care, then they will make decisions and solve problems.

Finding people who care is not the problem. Sometimes there is a gap, but it is rare. What I always find, no matter where I go, are people oppressed to the point where they are discouraged from making decisions or solving problems they care about.

How can I help? I whisper the thing people who care want to hear the most, "You can."

These words, wrapped around what makes people unique, gives them the confidence to move from good to great.

Let me help you make the move. Learn more about GetStrong(ER) today.

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