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Inspired by Business Value

Someone asked, "How can we make sure business value remains forefront during development?" I answered, "Make sure somebody who cares about Business Value is on each team." Someone who cares about Business Value is motivated to develop products that support business goals. When collaborating with teams, people who care about Business Value use their unique perspective to influence team decisions.

OK. That's easy to say. But what does that look like in practice? Well, my 2-day workshop for product leaders (aka Product Owners) is designed to show people exactly what that looks like.

Agile Introduction

This is where we do a deep dive into the why of agile principles and how to recognize them in practices.

People First

This is where we delve into the 9 different decision-making perspectives and what they mean.

Week News Online Personas

This is where we look at the Week News Online personas, their strengths and how they work together to make decisions.

Process Second

This is where we delve into an overview of practices being used and/or are being introduced.

Agile Leadership

And before we get to practicing practices, we delve into leadership for agile practices based on Daniel Goleman's Primal Leadership styles, especially Visionary leadership, so they can learn how to inspire their teams for Business Value.

Product Leader Exercises

Exercises will be those where Business Value perspectives are needed for optimal decision making. We practice agile principle recognition, delegation of accountability, and leadership styles all while working on problems specific to their organization such as defining a product vision, managing a product backlog, reviewing a product increment, and more.

With a People First Empowerment Platform subscription, product leaders will also get weekly encouragement for their strengths that help them use their innate talents to become even better leaders as time goes on.

This is how teams can be Inspired by Business Value.