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Agile Software Requirements

Software development processes are driven by requirements. That is why I care so much about System Value. Someone who cares about System Value is motivated to bring into being systems that accurately deliver requested business value.

So even though I am not familiar with each client’s domain, I am highly motivated to help them attain the business value they desire. I do that by helping organizations prioritize development over their product line(s) with processes that are driven by a flexible agile requirements model. The model is flexible because you can use as much, or as little of it, as you need to.

This model is available in VersionOne but can also be configured in Jira

When doing an organizational assessment one of the many things I am looking for is which parts of this model makes sense in the organizational context. This is how is usually falls out. But since each and every organization has unique circumstances, it is not a formula.

  • Start-ups use Feature structures

  • Small Businesses use Initiative structures but usually without differentiating between Business and Architecture

  • Medium Businesses use the entire model

If you need help putting some structure around your software development without subscribing to any specific agile framework, I can help you with that.

Let's work together and develop processes that make sense for your organization.